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How to identify sexual abuse in children
Regarding the latest news about sexual assaults that have flooded the media, starring Woody Allen and the Vatican, two experts show us the symptoms that children can show after suffering abuse.
Regarding the latest news about sexual assaults that have flooded the media, starring Woody Allen and the Vatican, two experts show us the symptoms that children can show after suffering abuse.
News about sexual abuse of minors follow one another. If last week was Woody Allen following the open letter that was released by Dylan Farrow, adopted daughter of director and actress Mia Farrow, through the digital edition of The New York Times, in which he accused his father of having her subjected to alleged sexual abuse when he was just 7 years old, today the United Nations has just released an unprecedented report in which he directly accuses the Vatican for covering up for years the abuses committed by his pedophile priests.
Sexual abuse of children is one of the most complicated crimes to identify because of the victim's minor status. This is reinforced by the lack of awareness of infants that what they are suffering goes into abuse, on the one hand, and their inability to report it, on the other, which causes a large part of cases not to be reported.
But, sexual abuse of children is not an isolated issue. As indicated by the psychiatrist Isabel Cuadros, president of the Affection Association, it is a tremendously frequent scourge. According to UNICEF, one in four girls and one in six boys are sexually abused in the world before reaching the age of 18 took me by the hand and led me to a dark attic, which was on the second floor of our house. He told me to lie on my belly and play with my brother's electric train. Then he sexually assaulted me. at the time a very thorough investigation was carried out by independent experts appointed by a court. The specialists concluded that there was no credible evidence of sexual abuse, that Dylan Farrow could not distinguish between fantasy and reality and that he had probably been instructed by his mother. Charges were never filed. "
Regarding the accusations issued by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child in its report, it is the most critical and direct accusation ever made by an international organization to the Holy See in relation to the impunity practices that it has maintained. with the sexual abuse perpetrated by their priests and priests to tens of thousands of children. In this, the United Nations asks that all members of the clergy who have committed abuses or suspect that they have perpetrated them be removed, and handed them over to the civil authorities so they can be tried.
How to identify abuse
Psychologist MarГa Cristina MartГn, from the Complutense University of Madrid, Spain, believes that there are certain behaviors in children that can help parents identify if their children are suffering from any type of sexual abuse. However, this is not an exact science, because the symptomatology depends a lot on the age of the child. For example, guilt is less likely in preschoolers and as they grow older it becomes more. Teenagers, on the other hand, can reflect criminal behavior, flight from home and even drug use, as a mother or father, when a minor makes us participate in any such event, we must rely on his story, because, if it is true, the consequences of not believing him They can be very serious. Subsequently, it falls to the relevant authorities to prove the truth of the facts. "
In fact, the sequelae in minors can be aggravated if this inhuman situation is allowed to be maintained over time. "The impact is worse if the abuse has been more frequent and prolonged, when the abuser has used force, the act implies penetration or when the relationship with the abuser is close," explains the psychologist.
These are some of the behaviors indicated by the two professionals mentioned, and that can help identify sexual abuse in minors:
1. Appearance of injuries. Sexual abuse is any sexual activity with the child, that is, there is no reason to always have physical injuries due to penetration. Thus, if the child manifests problems with walking or sitting, or presents unreasonable bruises or irritation in the genital areas, especially dysuria - in urology, this defines the difficult painful and incomplete expulsion of urine - it is convenient to investigate how they have been generated these injuries.
2. Strange behavior. If the child begins to react atypically in him, his school performance decreases markedly and precipitously.
3. Posttraumatic stress. There is a drastic change in his mood, usually characterized by a withdrawal, or the appearance of aggressive behaviors, including self-harm. There is also an increase in anxiety and regressive behaviors, such as lack of sphincter control or the return to child practices such as sucking your finger. The increase in nightmares and fears, loss of appetite, attacks of crying or hysteria and even the delivery of moments of disconnection in the child can also be signs of this post-traumatic stress.
4. Improper sexual knowledge of age. Sexualized behaviors or references to erotic activities, as well as that the child makes drawings of high sexual content can be a symptom that he is suffering from abuse.
5. Difficulty in maintaining interpersonal relationships. Whether with children your age, or with people outside the intimate circle. Many times, they refuse to visit relatives, friends of parents or express terror of going to certain places.

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Meet the 7 types of men, what is yours?
Susana Moscatel in her book called Every woman must have a gay husband ... she tells us the types of men that exist. Identify what is yours
Susana Moscatel in her book called Every woman must have a gay husband ... He tells us the types of men that exist. Identify what is yours
The number
How many men have you been with? That is the question that no man should ask, but externan more often than we would like. Why the hell do you want to know, I have no idea. They can't earn anything by getting that information. You still have to use a condom, gentlemen.
And we return to the same as always; If we ask them, they will surely raise their eyes to the highest they reach while they intend to scrutinize their mind maps and find the compartment that holds that information. And they will not succeed.
But there are of us if we do the same. This is a key moment in the vast majority of history's relationships. Not because the number matters at all, but because it is time to mark territories, to show our security and establish equality. If you don't remember, why would I do it?
The truth is that in most cases we do remember. And if they think about it a little more, then they really should worry. Unlike them, we don't usually remember that number as our sexual rating, but as a kind of emotional index.
It is not cool for them to learn that there surely is competition. That although size does matter (we're not going to discuss that again, right?), It's definitely not the only thing that makes a sexual experience memorable or not. If they knew all the emotional, sensory and sentimental charges that come with that number, then they would tremble just imagining the answer. And yes, it doesn't matter if that number is 3 or 333.
So no way. Sooner or later we will see ourselves in the situation where some unfortunate person has the bad feeling of asking us that. Many will be doubly insensitive when releasing the question just when you find yourself in a deeply intimate and vulnerable moment. That is, already naked in bed.
But women have had years of training to know what to answer. With the passage of time we have developed an extraordinary recipe book of phrases and magical attitudes to survive this bump in the man-woman relationship. All these answers are real:
- I don't even consider answering.
- Yes. Do you want them in alphabetical order? Or in order of appearance? Or maybe because of heights? ... Do you see how you didn't want to know?
- I always tell them: you are the first, my love.
- What matters is the present, right?
- If you say few, they don't believe you. If you say many, they bother.
- I told him the truth ... to fuck him for metiche.
- Do you really want to give them weapons to make them insecure the next time the device fails?
- Enough to realize how amazing you are in bed.
- No, why let them blow their imagination?
- They are ... huh? I already lost count.
- Do you want the truth? Or do you prefer to sleep today?
- Are two. Really. Why the fuck you don't believe me?
- Yes ... but I divided it by two and then subtracted three.
- No matter how many have been before, what matters is that you are the last.
Now let's be fair, what happens when we return a dose of your own medicine and ask them the same? Is there a good answer? If they tell us something less than two figures we will smile with pleasure, but deep down we will be asking ourselves: Why is it that nobody wanted to sleep with this? Will it have something horrible that happened to me to see ?, and of course, if we release a number that sounds paid as a deputy we will say: Should I send it to dewormed before releasing the вЂyes'? Come? They also can't win with вЂthe number'.
My gay husband is always telling me that I need seven men in my life. Seven? I ask with fear. Where the hell am I going to get the time and energy to feel men? What's more ... can you tell me where I find feels worthwhile men? Because I get out there right away.
He responds with the safety of a guru. It's very simple, my love. As for relationships, men are idiots. You will never find one who gives you everything you need. And as a good woman of these times, you look like a mammon calf. You want more and more all day. You need at least seven. You would only use it out in less than a week.
It should be clarified that this is not, in any way, an attack on the male gender that I (and my gay husband too) love so much. Obviously men are not idiots as such, because if not, how do they carry five years after five years dominating the world?
But the truth be told, before they did not waste time on their busy schedule ... 8: 00- Planning war. 11: 00- Kill mammoth. 14: 30- Show off mammoth friends dead and war won ... in trying to understand why they made us cry again. No. They were very busy killing mammoth. They are still very busy killing mammoth.
Meanwhile, you can fulfill all your obligations, tasks and responsibilities and still not stop planning the perfect dinner with the perfect elements.
Who knows what part of the millennial programming mutilated in us to make us believe that choosing the perfect mascara will really make a big difference between love or eternal loneliness.
So, when we invest so much time, effort and emotions to achieve that ideal night, it is obvious that the world comes upon us when he sends us a text message to let us know that he will not arrive because he stayed playing Halo with his cousin.
Yes. If we see it that way, the only thing that can comfort us is to think that men are idiots, because the only other alternative would be to admit that they simply don't care.
The seven men
My gay husband is right. It is not that seven is a scientific formula, but it is a satisfactory and useful number when filling, for better or worse, all our gaps and needs. It doesn't matter if it's at the same time or in ten years. But these seven men will always be present when we need them, or when we need to give ourselves to the mother (who also has her charm).
In addition, if the practice of the number returns to appear and the compulsaurus attacks us (that beast that compels us, compulsively, to make existential decisions without thinking them a bit) that makes us want to tell the truth, seven is quite a good number. It is good to have it already registered in the mind for emergencies like that. They reach our fingers, but it is a good repertoire of stories and knowledge.
Here are some of the seven men who appeared most commonly in those conversations with all the women with whom I spoke.
Normal 0 21 The loving nerd
He loves you above all things
Psychological drama
He never imagined having someone like you, it's Peter Pan.
Telephone, text messages, postcards, flowers, errands, their constant presence and of course ... the computer.
Date of Expiry
Until you fill your plate.
The bad
He loves himself above all things.
Psychological drama
None. You have the problem.
Whenever you want.
Killing smile and seductive look.
Date of Expiry
Until he gets bored of you.
The impossible
Absolutely perfect. Totally forbidden.
Psychological drama
Can not. Or will he not want to?
In your dreams.
Your own imagination
Date of Expiry
Until you learn
The guilty pleasure
The man you don't share with anyone, because you feel sorry for him.
Psychological drama
You don't understand why, but you can't stop coming back and back.
When nobody is awake so they don't see who you are with.
Discreet hotels, residences with private security and cars with tinted windows.
Date of Expiry
Until I shame you.
Love from afar
He would be the ideal man (if he were in the country).
Psychological drama
How could it be that you are not here? Why do not you answer my messages?
Once every two and a half months (hopefully)
Telephone and Internet
Date of Expiry
You never know
The one you would take home
Psychological drama
Your charm, your portfolio, your profession, your social status.
Date of Expiry
How much your boredom beats reason.
The nameless
The person with whom you have more hooked in your life.
It is an emotional demolition.
At least it suits you.
The most broken of your mind.
Date of Expiry
It depends on the therapy.

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Имплантация зубов предназначена ради восстановления весь разрушенных зубов, поэтому признана самым действенным способом возвращения пациенту
привлекательности улыбки и жевательных способностей. Методика разделяется на порядком способов проведения процедуры имплантации.
Имплантация проводится пациентам присутствие полной или частичной потери зубов. Неимение крайних зубов, которые нередко вступают в качестве опорных,
делает невозможным возрождение зубной единицы при помощи протезирования. В таких случаях имплантация остается единственным способом отдавать утраченные зубы.
Запрещено проводить имплантацию пациентам в промежуток беременности и грудного вскармливания, быть воспалении десен, кариесе.
Курение гораздо увеличивает время заживления раны и вызывает опасность образования воспалительного процесса.

Назначается имплантация также и пациентам, у которых поврежден или отсутствует начало зуба. Вместо него стоматолог устанавливает имплантат,
что предназначен заменить корневую систему. Сам процесс разделен для изрядно этапов. На первичном осмотре проводится диагностика полости рта.
Пациенту необходимо сделать рентген и ортопантомограмму.
Если результаты диагностики не запрещают проведение процедуры, врачеватель вживляет в кость челюсти пациента специальный имплантат.
В течение последующих нескольких месяцев имплантат помаленьку приживляется. Обычно этот действие занимает через трех до шести месяцев.
После это время стоматолог проводит установку коронки на искусственный причина зуба пациента. Это классический дорога имплантации,
что применяется большинству пациентов. Его важность в высокой вероятности приживления имплантата. Среди основных минусов – бесконечный срок лечения,
что растягивает перед полугода.

Экспресс-имплантация рассчитана для проведение процедуры без необходимости операции. Стоматолог проводит установку имплантата без разрезания десны.
Для неестественный происхождение вдруг устанавливается временная коронка. Такой ухватка имплантации возможен исключительно тем пациентам, которым позволяет величина кроткий тканей.
Базальный метод имплантации проводится пациентам с нехваткой костной ткани. Путь заключается в установке имплантата в глубокие слои кости.
Базальтовая имплантация обойдет дороже по сравнению с классическим способом, но чтобы пациентов с такими особенности челюсти это - беспримерный способ восстановить утраченные зубы.

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Benzer konular

Недорогое такси из аэропорта по Черноморскому побережью

Отправляясь в путешествие по Черному морю-не забудьте позаботиться заранее о транспорте. Представляем Вашему внимаю надежную компанию «Такси Юг», которая уже долгое время производит персональные и коллективные перевозки по очень выгодным ценам.

Если Вам нужно Такси Симферополь Щелкино то заходите на наш сайт и Вы непременно найдете подходящий транспорт. Ассортимент автомобилей очень большой-от эконом до бизнес класса, а также минивэн и микроавтобусов. В разделе «Авто» Вы можете найти реальные фото автомобилей, их салоны и багажники и выбрать тот, что подходит конкретно под Ваши запросы-численность мест и объем багажа.

Также Вы могли бы воспользоваться нашим поиском, для этого введите откуда и куда Вам нужно будет доехать. После выбранных пунктов назначения для Вас будет доступна детальная информация-план встречи клиентов, место расположения стоянки такси, классы автомобилей и цены за услугу. Огромный плюс в том, что наши цены фиксированные. Они не изменятся по конечному приезду, как часто бывает у бомбил, также мы не прибавляем стоимость из-за пробок или задержки рейса самолета. Та стоимость, что указана на нашем сайте и будет озвучена в итоге поездки.

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После того, как туристы приземлились в аэропорту или прибыли на поезде на железнодорожный вокзал, хочется скорее оказаться на месте назначения-попасть в гостиницу или съемное жилье, повидать море или горы, но никак не отыскивать машину, звонить, узнавать цены на месте, торговаться и тому подобное. Мы позаботились об этом и совершенно бесплатно заранее забронируем Вам автомобиль, который будет ждать Вас, как только Вы выйдете в зону прибытия.

Чтобы заказать такси Керчь - звоните по указанному Выше телефону или кликайте на сайте-заказать такси. Все автомобили в представленном автопарке имеют возраст не старше 6ти лет и только иностранного производства. Также мы стремимся всегда следить за чистотой кузова и салона, несмотря на непогоду.

Наши водители деликатны и всегда вовремя подают автомобиль. Вы можете почитать отзывы о нашей компании от наших клиентов, также можете оставить собственный. Отличных впечатлений Вам от замечательного путешествия вместе с

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